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To steward all we have for the glory of God.
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    $250.00 / 1970 days ago

    The book of Acts 2:42-47 Thank you all for living out the Gospel

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    $50.00 / 1971 days ago

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    Josh & Victoria Petersen

    $50.00 / 1971 days ago

    You guys freaking killed this, so so psyched about the impact you are making! Also if you want to come to Kenya and see those lovely goats you just funded you should join our team!

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    Justin Ronne

    $500.00 / 1972 days ago

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    Michaela Reddel

    $50.00 / 1972 days ago

    Proud of you! Also please clean my room

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    Tanner & Amber Weir

    $33.00 / 1972 days ago

    Let’s get THESE goats **bark BARK**

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    $2,000.00 / 1972 days ago

    Go Hawks!

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    Jeremiah Wistrom

    $35.00 / 1972 days ago


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    Landon Bartel

    $20.00 / 1972 days ago

    Gary from Buffalo Wild Wings: “Good job Derek”

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    $50.00 / 1972 days ago

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    $2.00 / 1972 days ago


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    Jami Utter

    $250.00 / 1972 days ago

    🐐 🐐 🐐

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    Leah Wollmering

    $15.00 / 1972 days ago

    What you’re doing is awesome. I hope you guys reach your goal!!

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    $140.00 / 1972 days ago

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    Terilyn Yamber

    $100.00 / 1972 days ago

    It's nice to see a group of young men doing something together for others less fortunate.

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    Luc Arnaud Igena

    $20.00 / 1972 days ago

    As an African student in the U.s I know what it means by giving a goat to a family. It may seem to be small but I can be a life changing act. May God bless your hearts.

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    Taylor Landholm

    $50.00 / 1972 days ago

    Way to go Boardwalk!

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    Jeremiah Wistrom

    $20.00 / 1972 days ago


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    Derek Preister

    $175.00 / 1973 days ago

    We can do it!

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    Samuel Roth

    $50.00 / 1973 days ago


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    Jonathan & Megan Fletcher

    $50.00 / 1973 days ago


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    Launee Tudich

    $100.00 / 1975 days ago

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    Courtney Krsnak

    $50.00 / 1976 days ago

    So proud of the Boardwalk! Keep it up!

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    Stephen Yamber

    $40.00 / 1976 days ago

    “Happy birthday.”-Bridget Yamber

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    Megan Jamison

    $50.00 / 1978 days ago

    Good luck, friends! Merry Christmas! :)

About The Boardwalk

*As a result of the generosity y'all have shown, our goal has been increased to $5,000 to meet Hope Venture's overall year-end goal for the Goat Project.

Hey there! Thanks for visiting our page. If you don’t know what “The Boardwalk” is, we are simply 9 men living in community with one another with a silly nickname for our house. But that’s enough about us!


This month, we as a house are partnering with The Hope Venture, a non-profit organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Many of us have seen the effects of The Hope Venture first hand through experiences in India. This month, we are specifically aiming to raise money in support of the Hope Venture’s goat project. This project aims to provide families in Uganda with goats, one of the most beneficial things to a family in poverty. The milk from the goats provides sustenance to families and individuals in extreme poverty. Sometimes they produce so much milk that owners can sell the milk to buy clothes and school supplies for their kids. For $40, you can purchase a goat for a family in need. But you don’t need to give $40 to help! Anything will help. Search for loose change in your car, your furniture, your laundry. Don’t buy coffee this month and help provide a goat instead. We as a house are aiming to raise $1000 by year end – enough to purchase 25 goats. In doing so, we are putting our dignity, our masculinity, and our bodies at risk. Each $100 you help us raise unlocks one of our 10 tiers. We’d love for you to come alongside us in providing 25 families with goats this month!


The Boardwalk

Tier 1 – We ALL get a pie to the face

Tier 2 – Joe gets egged

Tier 3 – Jon jumps in Holmes Lake

Tier 4 – Derek endures the Blazin’ Challenge

Tier 5 – Jared goes public with his makeover

Tier 6 – Jack drinks an entire bottle of ketchup

Tier 7 – Sam gets his chest waxed

Tier 8 – Caleb gets body painted

Tier 9 – Landon gets his head shaved by Matt Meyer

Tier 10 – Phen bleaches his hair.

Tier 11 - Landon is zip-tied to someone for 24 hours. Will be voted on.

Tier 12 - Chicken Chase

Tier 13 - Dress up ice skating

Tier 14 - Drawing for house cleaning