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Love is a beautiful gift from God and deserves to be celebrated. What if your wedding day could feed two children in India for an entire year? Love came down and changed our lives, and we have the power to do the same.
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About Weddings for Change - True Beauty Photography

Two summers ago, I had the amazing opportunity to go to India with Lincoln Berean and experience a few of the projects that Hope Venture runs. One of the projects that we experienced was the feeding centers. What we experienced was joy, laughter, community and love all because the feeding center provided meals which in turn, brought the community together. Our team left the feeding centers overwhelmed with love. And now I want to give back. 

I have been doing photography for over 5 years and every year, it has helped me pay for a summer mission trip to Belize twice in high school, India two summers ago, and Uganda this last year. This summer I don't plan on going abroad because of grad school but I still want my photography to make a difference! And you can join me in that!

This year, if you book me as your wedding photographer between now and January 1st, a portion of your wedding package will be donated to the feeding centers in India. This means that your wedding will feed one child for an entire year. How beautiful is it that we get to use our stories of love to love others. Join me in changing lives because love has changed ours.

If you are not getting married DO NOT WORRY! You can still donate! Any amount helps a bunch. In fact, $10 feeds a child for a month, $120 provides meals for a child for an entire year, and $6000 runs an entire feeding center (45-60 children) for an entire year. If you want more information or want to hear more stories about my experience at the feeding center, feel free to reach out! I would love to tell you all about it! 

For information or questions about packages, email me at