"Welcome To The Schwaninger Housegroup Fundraiser! We are raising money for The Hope Venture's Feeding Centers and we are partnering with doTerra who is matching all donations!"
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Our Housegroup meets every Wednesday to build community, grow in our faith and do awesome things together. This Christmas we are raising money for an organization that helps provide food for children in India. The Hope Venture's feeding centers are not only a place for kids to get a meal each day, they are a place for children to find community and learn about God. In a way the feeding centers are kind of like our Hhousegroup!

This year we decided to split into two teams (creatively named "Team One" and "Team Two") and each team will raise money separately. On December 30, the loosing team will have to do the polar plunge as a group so we hope you donate to Team Two;)

Every $120 feeds a child for a whole year, and with our matching donation, that's two children! Join us in bringing hope this Christmas!

Find out more about The Hope Venture feeding centers on our website!